Brothers & Sisters, welcome to IHMMA.COM, the official home of the brand-new INTERNATIONAL HEAVY METAL MUSIC ASSOCIATION, promoting metal worldwide, my objective and battle cry being, literally:  Metal, Everywhere, Forever!

Please note that this site is new and links, above, don't function yet. As a full-time family caregiver of almost 20 years, I lack personal resources such as time and money, so receipt of financial donations from interested persons like you will enable me to continue work on this website, and the new organization that it represents, as will volunteer participation in building this site and the organization that it represents.

Every product, service, and industry under the sun has its own trade organization for lobbying, promotion, and economic and legal protection. Heavy metal music never has--until now!

"Heavy metal" music is the powerful, dynamic, exciting, sometimes bracing, always-interesting form of heavy rock music pioneered by legendary Black Sabbath guitarist-extraordinaire (and fellow-Italian) Tony Iommi. It is a form of music that must remain, and indeed grow, in stature, popularity, and relevance, and we who hold it dear must work deliberately, both individually and collectively, to ensure the success of these objectives.

I want to expand metal to the four corners of the Earth--and make sure it stays there! Growing in musical and cultural relevance all the while!

To Tony Iommi:  in other words, Tony, I want to ensure that this seminal form of music you created never dies, and moreover, takes its rightful place, increasingly, not merely on albums and in concerts, but as the soundtrack for many, if not every, phase of life and society, as well. If a television producer, somewhere, is selecting the background music for his butter commercial, I want to ensure that he or she considers, and selects, metal. I want to ensure that car commercials, which often feature accompanying rock or metal music because they connote excitement, continue to do so. I want to ensure that when a man and woman marry, their wedding band sees fit to play an appropriate selection of metal, along with their other selections. And so on!

In short, I want to ensure that heavy metal fully becomes, and forever remains, the soundtrack to life, love, and perhaps even death, for the bulk of the human population now, and forever.

Brothers and Sisters:  do you feel as I do?

If so, please provide financial support, below, and be as generous as you can. Membership information is pending, but persons and bands providing financial support and a link will be considered charter members of the INTERNATIONAL HEAVY METAL MUSIC ASSOCIATION, and noted, as such, here, at our official site.

This important and long-needed organization, the IHMMA, is starting out on a shoe-string budget. The reality is that I need your cash to begin to build it.

This site went live at 9:00 AM today, Tuesday, April 28, 2020. It remains under construction.

In Metal Solidarity,


. . . . . .


Writer, Philosopher, Musician, more

(And presidential aspirant, i.e. seeking U.S. Presidency. Were I to win, you would see heavy metal elevated to national prominence!)


Contact the INTERNATIONAL HEAVY METAL MUSIC ASSOCIATION at ihmma @ In addressing your email, be sure to close the spaces before and after the atd symbol, "@."


I'm issuing a global, commercially-logical Call to Arms to all metal artists employing the "gutteral" vocal technique.

Please visit, and spend a long time at, the site for The International Society for Metal Music Studies! More to come on this organization that is as unique as metal, itself!

Brothers and Sisters, I'm running for President of the United States. Under my Administration I want to start a program of bringing famous and in some cases not-famous metal bands and players to entertain our troops overseas.


Please listen to this mix, especially ANDY JAMES, OMFG!

Brothers, Sisters, and fellow metalheads of every stripe and variety:   if perchance you've lost your love of music, rock music, and/or metal, PREPARE TO BE PSYCHOLOGICALLY AND MUSICALLY BOARDED BY MSSR. JAMES!

Not to mention the other fine artists in this mix!

And send me a bunch of money so I can build this organization!

tony iommi black sabbath


The man who invented metal, through his sound and way of playing.



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-- Metal, Everywhere, Always --